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What is W.I.N.O.S. Buddies®?

A club for fun loving women (and men) who enjoy food, wine,(or other libations), laughter and getting together for a little "sanity" in their lives, all while giving back and leaving a legacy!

The price of gas and eating out has left many of us seeking alternative ways of getting together. Many women are now replacing "girls’ night out" with a more economical (but equally entertaining) “girls’ night in”!

These popular gatherings at home offer women a much needed respite from their busy lives and multi-tasking schedules with the opportunity to eat, laugh and connect with one another. Whether sipping wine in or out, join our W.I.N.O.S. Buddies® and share your passion for wine, eating, friendships and philanthropy!

In keeping with our Mission, Vision and Values for W.I.N.O.S., Inc., W.I.N.O.S. Buddies® is also a philanthropic endeavor. A percentage of every membership will be donated to H.E.L.P.S. International with an opportunity to support local causes through local chapters.

For more information about the W.I.N.O.S. Buddies®, click on the links below!